Callistemon (Prep – 6)

Students are exposed to a range of experiences to support learning in all curriculum areas. Formal teaching at The Grange P-12 College is committed to assisting students and families with important transitions at various stages of schooling.

Our Callistemon Campus is home to approximately 800 students in Years Prep to 6. Our students come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and this diversity is celebrated within a tolerant and vibrant learning community.

Our staff is committed to catering for every child in a range of engaging programs and approaches, with a firm focus on developing essential literacy and numeracy skills. Each child has an individual learning plan that is tailored to their individual needs and learning goals.

Our students enjoy a range of vibrant learning spaces and have ample space in which to play outside, including new playgrounds, our new gymnasium and a range of passive and active play areas. A feature of our early years classrooms includes stimulating and language-rich classroom spaces, access to a range of printed materials in the classroom and wide use of mathematical materials and resources.

Our teaching spaces and classroom configurations are tailored to individual student learning needs and learning styles, including a flexible learning space. Classroom programs across the campus have a focus on inquiry-based learning, where students can explore topics about the world around them and present their learning in a range of ways.

The campus offers a range of extra-curricular programs and engaging lunchtime activities for students. We also offer specialist programs in Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Science and Language and we have an engaging ICT program. The campus is very proud of its students’ continued success in a range of academic, sporting and arts pursuits.