The Prep and Year 1 classes aim to foster the development of abilities, attitudes and skills which will assist your child in their educational journey. Building on early childhood experiences students are engaged in a positive and supportive learning environment where every student is valued, praised and encouraged to take risks and ‘have a go’.


In reading students begin by focusing on the part of a book, direction of text and using the pictures to tell a story. Students learn to make predictions by using pictures and their prior knowledge. They summarise by retelling the beginning, middle and the end of a story as well as identify the characters, settings, problems and solutions. We also focus on decoding strategies (reading unknown words) by using the pictures, looking at the first letter and stretching the sounds in a word. Students engage in independent and guided reading as well as differentiated purposeful reading tasks on a daily basis. ICT is also incorporated into reading through Reading Eggs and the use of an interactive whiteboard.

In writing students are supported in developing correct pencil grip, posture and letter formation. They explore the writing process by experimenting with tracing and copying and are encouraged to write independently and read back their writing. Building on these experiences students are exposed to a range of writing styles and are explicitly taught correct sentence structure and punctuation. Students participate in daily writing lessons and focus on high frequency words in their spelling.

Students have many opportunities to engage in oral language activities through Speaking and Listening and Language Experiences such as, making popcorn, pancakes and fruit kebabs, blowing bubbles, having a picnic, camping, singing and role play. Students also participate in whole class and small group discussions and are presented with daily opportunities to share and celebrate their work.


In numeracy students begin by developing an understanding of the concepts of number and numerals, they count, order, add and share objects. Through the use of open-ended questions, problem solving, concrete materials and hands on tasks students develop links between their immediate environment, everyday language and mathematical activity. They also explore and classify 2D and 3D shapes, measure and compare length and weight, identify examples of chance and learn to tell the time. Students engage in numeracy lessons, small focus groups and differentiated activities involving the use of technologies daily.

Students are provided with the opportunity to extend their learning in both literacy and numeracy through the provision of Extension Programs offered in all classrooms from Prep to year six that are facilitated by Leading Teachers.


Each term students in Prep and 1 focus on a specific inquiry topic which aim to engage their curiosity and develop a sense of wondering. Students participate in a range of hands on tasks, investigations, incursions and excursions. Inquiry lessons are taught weekly and topics are integrated into all learning areas.

Students in Prep and Year 1 also participate in Language lessons (Hindi), Physical Education and Visual Art each week.