Students involved in the Leadership Program build skills in decision making about all matters relating to students. They use these skills to help develop student-related programs through the House competitions. They learn to speak in public and report to forums such as the Principal Team and College Council.

Student leadership empowers students to make a difference at The Grange P-12 College through working with the school and the local community. It also provides students with the skills and support to implement new programs for the whole student body.

The Leadership program at the College is organised through the House system. Student leaders are elected in each sub school and represent the student body through the House competition. The House competition consists of Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country, Grange Talent Quest and various team sports. The Student Leadership works towards making The Grange P-12 College a school students love being a part of!

Students involved with Leadership:

  • Develop public speaking skills. The students regularly present ideas to College Council meetings and school assemblies.
  • Organise and implement the programs they believe will improve student life at The Grange P-12 College.
  • Attend leadership workshops at The Grange P – 12 College and others run by external organisations.
  • Improve their ability to work with other students to form an effective team.