Our Year 7 – 12 Campus in Deloraine Drive provides a resourced and mature learning environment. It extends the experiences of Primary School in a positive educational climate which encourages a spirit of enquiry and a life long love of learning.

With a student population of about 900 students, our academic and extra-curricular programs are designed to encourage the highest standard of achievement in everything our students undertake. The friendly and supportive atmosphere which permeates the entire College is underpinned by a strong code of conduct, a distinctive uniform policy, firm structures and clear expectations.

The Secondary Campus is divided into four sub-schools, the Middle Years (7/8), Year 9 Inspire Program, Later Years 10/11/12) and a Sports Science Academy pathway extending from Year 4 to 12. The College generally aims for a maximum class size of 25 students although at the VCE level a few small classes are supported in order to maintain breadth in the Later Years curriculum.

Our focus is to ensure each student is successful at school and is able to complete Year 12 and progress to their chosen pathway, either further tertiary study, training or full time work. Throughout their time at the College students have the opportunity to access a wide variety of programs designed to meet their needs. In addition to core educational programs the College offers Performing Arts, Sport, Art, Information Communications and Technology and an extensive Student Wellbeing Program.

We are constantly striving to improve our academic performance and this has resulted in a continual increase in the numbers of students accepting places at University. Our Pathways Program is well resourced, all students have access to pathways information and is also supported by an online individual plan for each student.

The College has a supportive and encouraging ethos enabling all students to engage in a sense of belonging within our community.

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