Student Advanced Learning Tutorials (SALT) Program

The Grange P-12 College is committed to improving the learning outcomes for all our students. We are also focused on analysing student assessments and learning growth. From this data, we know that a number of students are very advanced with Literacy and Numeracy skills.

At our College, we provide individualised and additional small group ‘Advanced Learning Teams’.  Groups of 5 – 10 students are provided with a specialised program and a Teacher tutor.  Students are withdrawn from their class for up to two hours per week to engage in this program.


Educators and parents of students, who have participated in these small learning teams, indicate that there are a range of potential benefits;

  • Enhanced student learning, motivation, accomplishment and self-esteem.
  • Academic challenge and progression at a faster rate and a rate that is more closely aligned with the student’s ability and interests.
  • Stronger and more active engagement in learning.

Students who enrol in this program will have;

  • Academic ability and capacity to learn at a faster growth rate.
  • Enthusiasm, persistence, independence and motivation.
  • A willingness to complete additional work at home.
  • Exhibit a strong preference for challenging and fast pacing of instruction.

If you think your child could excel and benefit from this program or would like further information regarding this program and our Enrolment package, please contact our Callistemon P-6 Campus Principal, Ms Meredith Clencie or our Callistemon Campus General Office on 9748 6555.