BRAIN BOOST – How sport and physical activity enhance children’s learning. (Prep-Year 3)

We are extremely fortunate to have developed a partnership with Belgravia Kids to develop a gymnastics facility at our College.

Belgravia kids will manage the facility outside of school hours and offer programs and coaching in gymnastics for the broader community.

Our College has developed specialist gymnastics classes for our Prep – Grade 3 students who will engage weekly in programs designed to stimulate fine motor skills, co-ordination and perceptual motor skills to enhance their learning.

We believe the development of such skills at the commencement of your sons/daughters learning will give students an opportunity to boost their learning potential.

This program will also lead into our Sports Science Academy programs.

Physical activity and academic success, It’s a win – win!

Research tells us that there’s a positive link between children being active and playing sport and their ability to get better marks and learning outcomes at school.

Children have been found to be receptive to additional daily physical activity, especially when it offers high time-on-task, is fun and reflects their interests.

Sport and physical activity participation are generally promoted for their positive impacts on children’s physical and metal health. However, the overall picture is better than that.

Researchers believe that, with children, increased participation in sport and other forms of physical activity also enhances cognitive functioning (information processing), memory, concentration, behaviour and academic achievement.

In other words, research is telling us that there’s a positive link between children being active and playing sport.

Our Callistemon P-6 Campus is the only school providing this unique “Gymnasium Program” to promote learning. We believe this program of gymnastics, physical movement, co-ordination and fitness will better assist students learning in the early years of schooling.

If you would like further information regarding our Physical Literacy Program, open to all students enrolled at our Callistemon P-6 Campus, please contact our Campus Principal Meredith Clencie on 9748 6555.

To assist with planning for the Physical Literacy Program for 2019 please let us know if you are interested in this program.

What is the relationship between physical activity, fitness and academic achievement?

The large majority of university-based, internationally published research in this field has found a positive association between children’s physical activity participation and academic achievement. For instance, intervention and longitudinal studies have concluded that:

  • Short bouts of exercise benefit executive control/function
    (Chen, Yan, Yin, Pan, & Chang, 2014; Niemann et al., 2013; Tine & Butler, 2012).
  • Greater vigorous physical activity out of school results in higher test scores 
    (Coe et al., 2006; Niemann et al., 2013).
  • The average academic achievement of children who received extra physical education is significantly higher than children who were in a control group which did not receive extra physical education
    (Ardoy et al., 2014; Shephard RJ et al., 1994).
  • Reading comprehension improves
    (Hillman et al., 2009; Stevens, To, Stevenson, & Lochbaum, 2008).
  • Physical activity intervention leads to significant improvements in children’s maths scores
    (Gao, Hannan, Xiang, Stodden, & Valdez, 2013; Hollar et al.; Riley, Lubans, Morgan, & Young, 2014; Stevens et al., 2008) and motor skills (Ericsson & Karlsson, 2014).
  • Cognitive benefits are maintained over time
    (Koivusilta, Nupponen, & Rimpela, 2012; Stevens et al., 2008; Wittberg, Northrup, & Cottrell, 2012).

Additional Information

Our program consists of sessions in our gymnasium with their classroom teacher, a Physical Education Teacher and at times, a speacialist gymnast, which, if students wish to participate in training for competition gymnast level.

Brain Boost Move to Learn
Source: Government of Western Australia – Department of Sport and Recreation | Brain Boost – How sport and physical activity enhance children’s learning