Our College has a strong commitment to work with and reflect the needs of our local community and importantly create learning opportunities for students. In this sense we are extremely fortunate to have developed a close relationship with our newly emerging Indian community.

After a series of meetings with representatives of the community we have introduced a Hindi Language Program at our College. The Hindi Language Program first commenced at our Prepatory level, Callistemon Campus and Year 7 level at Deloraine Campus.

We are continually expanding the program across the school and now have two full time teachers of Hindi employed at our College. Our staff are not only delivering lessons but are now also engaging highly with Wyndham’s Indian Community. From working with our Indian families we are cross linking our Hindi language program with our High Achievers Program (HAP).

HAP is designed to accelerate student learning via individualised programs, enrichment and extension lessons to prepare students for university level study and entry to the professions. Our aim is to extend Hindi language programs to the VCE level across the next few years.

We are also now working on building an “International” extension to the Hindi Program and in 2017 will commence a strategy to develop a relationship with schools in both India and Bangladesh.

We strongly welcome members of the Indian community to come and discuss with us the opportunities to learn the Hindi language and access High Achievers Programs.

The Hindi Program provides instruction in all four language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening. The program will use carefully designed learning activities, which will provide exposure to the rich culture of India and also provides opportunities to explore the cultural context of the language including crafts, music and dance.

Students studying Hindi will develop their Hindi vocabulary and ability to communicate with confidence.

Hindi is the fifth most spoken language in the world, spoken by 185 million speakers. Hindi is spoken by substantial populations in India, Bangladesh, the UK, USA and Australia. Hindi is linguistically relative to Urdu, the official language of Pakistan and also relates to Bengali and Punjabi. Hindi also uses the same script and shares many elements of vocabulary with Sanskrit.

The Grange P-12 College is pleased to support your child in their development of bilingual and multilingual skills through our Hindi language program.