The College Council meets once a month and operates the following sub committees:

  • Finance
  • Marketing and Community Engagement
  • Curriculum and Policy
  • Building Redevelopment and Maintenance


Members & Positions

Marcel Mahfoud President Parent
Trudy Warr Vice President Parent
David Smillie Principal DET
Andrea Wescott Treasurer Parent
Sarah Connelly   Community
Jim Williamson   Community
Janet Morrow   Parent
Daisy Tanielu-Savavau   Parent
Khon Islam   Community
Dallian D’Cruz   Community
Tamsin Metcher   DET
Jodie Wright   DET
Trish O’Neill   DET
Kendall Clarke   DET
Michelle Tamburro   Parent
Rogan De Toit   Student
Tylah Hohapata   Student
DE&T School Council Information